May 242015

Aloha Sisters!

How I love you and am thankful that I get time to share a bit of today’s uplifting, encouraging, and instructive lesson. Sis Spring did an excellent job encouraging discussion and helping us use our brains to figure out how we can apply the lesson directly into our lives. Love it!

So without further ado, here’s a link to the talk she based her lesson on:
Choose Wisely

And in case you don’t have time to read the whole thing right now, here’s the wonderful video edit our teacher put together to show at various points throughout the lesson. 

Just imagine having been handed a printout of one of 4 stories from this talk, and then given some time to read it and think about coming up with a question about that story… Some kind of question prompted by that story. I was surprised how much brainpower that took! What? I had to think? YES! And it was awesome. I found, with my brain turned on, it was like I had some kind of “apply this to your life” filter activated.

So, sisters, I encourage you to take a few minutes, like we did today, and pause the video when Elder Cook finishes a story… Think a little. What questions can you come up with that might help you dig a little deeper into what he’s talking about? Are there simple things you can change? A quote or an idea that might help you in your day-to-day efforts to stay focused on the Savior?

Here are a few of the questions that our sisters shared today, based on the principles taught in these stories:

What excuses am I making that are keeping me from learning to do better in the future?

How will the Lord bless you in your efforts, if you don’t put forth any effort!

My kids may be really young right now, but what am I doing (and what can I do) to help them be better prepared for their missions?

Are you, right now, in a position that your short-term focus is going to impact your long-term goals?
-If so (and probably we all are) in what way can you focus your attention so that your daily actions are going to help you achieve those long-term goals?
Source: L7 Relief Society

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