Jul 182016

Hello hello, L7 –

It’s been a while. I know. But every day is a new day, right? Starting right where we are, here we go, here we go!

Ward Camp last week was amazing! Many, many thanks for all the hard work that went into every piece of it. There’s no way I could possibly fit all that awesomeness into a blog post, but I highly recommend you head over to the L7 Facebook group & scroll down for tons of pictures & videos…

But here’s a video highlight from the epic Trek of Faith to Goat Island:

Source: L7 Relief Society

Jul 182016

Talk about awesome sauce, right?

Again, just to recap…

Kahuku District Park
Youth 12-18 years old

Refillable water bottle.  (water & ice provided)
Happy, hard-working attitude

Comfortable, in standards, get-messy-in-it work clothes

Source: L7 Relief Society

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