Dec 062015

Announcing the most epic ward Christmas party ever held in the history of L7 – and possibly the world.   😉  Because that’s how we roll.

Lots of details, but PLEASE read them, k? Okay.
No, really, there are details you’ll really wish you’d read!  Like how this is a “Bring Your Own Chair” party.  You wanna come an sit on da dirt? No. So, yah.  You can quit reading now if you want to, but don’t cry at me when you can’t ride the zipline cuz you fogot yo shoes an you jus wearin slippahs. Uh-uh. Not my fault.

This Friday.  5pm.  (Dinner starts at 6:30pm)
We’re going to have food, music, entertainment, and WHAT?


Business first

BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR/Picnic blanket. Thanks!

Food Assignments:
Naniloa Loop & Iosepa – please bring a salad (fruit salad, pasta salad, green salad, ETC)
Moana St & Townhomes – please bring a dessert to share
The ward will take care of the rest.
If you want to zipline:
wear tennis shoes, 
get your long hair held back,
and don’t wear a dress.

Did I mention, WEAR SHOES.  Leave da slippahs at home.  I’m thinking, do my kids even HAVE shoes?  Huh. Good question…
And speaking of questions, here are some more you might have:


Like, the whole entire zipline?  
No, “just” the bottom zipline. 450 feet of awesomeness.
Who can ride?
ONLY members of Laie 7th Ward.  Only. Meaning: We love all your friends and cousins and everyone on Oahu, but they are going to be quite disappointed if they show up thinking they can ride too. Please please please help us avoid a lot of confusion/sadness!
Are there any age restrictions? 
People as young as 7yo can ride. 
Many of our kapuna have enjoyed riding the zipline – including someone 92 years old! How awesome is that?! 
but we ask that you please be responsible for your health. If you know you have a health issue that could be compromised by some whoooooooooosh & excitement, DON’T RIDE.
Maximum weight?
270 lbs.
Fun restrictions?
Nope!  Feel free to have as much fun as you’d like!

How can I get more info on the zipline?
Go to this website and look at the “Zipline Basics.”  (but don’t worry about the pricing.)

Source: L7 Relief Society

Dec 032015
Aloha Sisters,
Many thanks to those who volunteered to bring food to the funeral of Sis. Donette Ah Puck.
If you could please get it there to the back chapel before 8am on Saturay, that would be wonderful! Mahalo!

Source: L7 Relief Society

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