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A little late now, since that meeting was a few weeks ago, but better late than never! 🙂 We had an excellent class on Emergency Preparedness, and I learned some new things. It was nice to have a forum like that where we could share things we learned in our last “hurricane dress rehearsal” and those who presented were (appropriately) very well prepared. (Oh, I’m so funny!)

Speaking of food storage specifically, we covered 3 problems people often face when trying to build up food storage.
1. Money — 
- Follow sale cycles, and when something is on sale, buy more than you need. Someone suggested buying 5, and mentioned that by the time they run out, the item is on sale again. I think I’d been married for 8 years before I found out that sales run in cycles that repeat themselves. Really?! Cool.
- Another suggestion was that every time you go shopping, by just one thing for food storage. One extra bottle of BBQ sauce, one extra can of Spam, whatever. It’ll add up and make a difference, but it’s not going to hit your wallet too hard.
- Another person mentioned that you can often find food cheaper on Great idea!

1. Space 
People shared clever places they keep food storage. Someone pulled their couch 6 inches away from the wall and kept boxes of food storage behind it. Awesome! There’s also the old, failsafe, under-the-bed trick. 
Wherever you keep it, make sure you rotate it! Food here just doesn’t keep as well as it does in other areas of the world. 

2. Don’t know how
… And that’s why we were there, right? 🙂 
- Foil sealed foods especially seem to not last here. One of the sisters there had purchased those buckets-of-dehydrated-food from Costco (and elsewhere). You know the type? “25-year shelf life!” Well, one year they thought it would be a good idea to break one open & try it out at ward camp, and found that every singe package in all 7 of their buckets had gone totally, disgustingly bad. The buckets were no more than 6 or 7 years old! Eek! Great to know!!! 

These are some excellent books on the subject that Sis. C found at the BYUH Library. I’m especially looking at that “Food Storage for the Clueless” — but they all looked great. 🙂

Prophetic Statements on Food Storage for Latter-day Saints
Neil H. Leash
BX 8643.2.L481 p1999

Food Storage for the Clueless
Clark L. and Kathryn H. Kidd
TX 601.K53 1999

I Can’t Believe It’s Food Storage
Crystal Godfrey
TX 833.5.G62 2009

12 Steps to Build Your Own Personal ARK
Emily Freeman
TX 601.F7 2003

Another book I’ve loved is a recipe book called “Marlene’s Magic with Food Storage,” by Marlene Petersen. The recipes are all “made from food storage” type recipes, and most of the ones I’ve tried are really yummy, and she also has useful information about food-stuff like sprouting, nutrition, shelf life, etc.

There were a few more things discussed that will (hopefully!!!) make it here to the blog — but my time has run out tonight. Feel free to contact me if you have anything specific you’d like me to put up here on the blog for our sisters to know. :)

Source: L7 Relief Society

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