Aug 152014
It’s Thursday night, over that mid-week hump now and sliding down towards the weekend – huzzah! – But I know just what could make this weekend sparkle even brighter for you.
What’s that, you’re thinking?

Taking a look at this chapter in the Joseph Fielding Smith manual!  Yes!  You know you want to!  
— And I’m really hoping that I do, in fact, have the right chapter for this week’s lesson in Relief Society.  That would be a smidge bit embarrassing if I got it wrong, wouldn’t it?  
Almost as bad as making an announcement (and showing up 10 minutes late) for a meeting that didn’t happen.  Hahahahaha, OOPS.  
Sisters serving on the RS Board, we’ll have to wait until a later date for those super-powers.   😉

Source: L7 Relief Society

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