Mar 072016
I am so thankful my husband’s bike tire went flat today. Why?
Because that unfortunate little “first-world problem” resulted in him taking longer than expected to get from the Married Stake Conference to our Sacrament Meeting…
Which meant that instead of him holding down the pew for our family while I stayed home with a sick 2yo, it was necessary for me to camp out in the back of the chapel with my kids for a bit until he could get there.
…Which meant I walked in to a packed cultural hall just in time to see our beloved bishopric get released and a new bishopric called.
I had tears of gratitude streaming down my face as they read the names of those called by God to lead our ward. What a wonderful moment to be a part of!
Mahalo for your many years of service, Bishop Kahuena, and counselors Bro. Campbell & Bro. Ah Puck.
And mahalo also to our new Bishop Toilolo, and his counselors Bro. Wagner and Bro. Mateau, for accepting this calling.

We love and support you with our hearts and hands!

Source: L7 Relief Society

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